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I met Aaron soon after starting my second year of high school... we've had loads of ups and downs but he remains, through it all, one of my better friends...

Alice is Tom's sister.

Interesting and fascinating to me always. Our time together was filled with love, hate, and hostility. It was very painful, at times. I loved him more intensely than I thought was possible and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I met Aubrey on the first day of first grade... I've probably loved her ever since... we don't get the chance to spend enough time together lately... we're both doing totally different things... but I love her to death and will be there for her always.

Barb is my favorite aunt... she is very cool... and creative... I spent lots and lots of time with her when I was little... less as I got older... I miss that actually...

Steve G's sister

I met Brett while on my study abroad trip in the summer of 2002. He's from Kentucky. He's so cute and amusing. We were practically inseparable the whole trip and spent lots of time all huddled together giggling and looking at boys.

Carol is Jake's deaf younger sister. I think she's great. She is the reason I got started learning Sign.

David (R), aka, to me, Bunny:
Someone very special to me. We were together for three years. There was much within that three years so it would be impossible to sum it up in a couple lines. We learned and grew much together.

Desiree (Desi):
A friend of mine since 1st or 2nd grade. She's very cute and fun. She's doing the grown up thing and its suiting her very well...

I went on a study abroad trip in the summer of 2002, François was part of my host family there. He has since become one of the people closest to me and also one of my favorite people.

Later I may be able to describe him through my eyes a little better but for now... its still too fresh...
We saw each other around the end of 2002. Many things worked to end with us apart though he remains special to me...

Harry is Barb's (my favorite aunt) long time significant other... so I suppose we might as well call him my uncle... that works...

I think I have always loved Jake... he is beautiful and intelligent... with him I have had some extreme ups and downs... we're not together now, as I'm "the girl he wants to marry, not the girl he wants to be with right now"
that says a lot.

Juli was my roommate for my first and second years at CMU. She's nice... and easy to get along with... and cool... especially since she'd let me do stuff to her hair when I occasionally got the urge...

I've kown Kelly since 5th grade I think... she's a really sweet girl and we have a lot in common... and she's fun to hang out with...

Larry is used to be married to Barb (my favorite aunt, my mothers sister) I still consider him my uncle.

Lindsey is one of my favorite people online or off... she is nice, caring, understanding... and all around wonderful person... she has been great to me since we first met...
I found her web page by accident one night and was so captivated by all she had to say that I wrote her an extremely long e-mail telling her all that I was thinking... she wrote back and we've been coresponding ever since...

I met Mark while on a cruse to Cozumel in 1994... we still keep in touch... he lives in Indiana.

had a mad crush on him in high school. now I talk to him here and there and we're cool. markjournal

Mary is my mother.

I met Matt through Steve S.... told him that he ought to be my friend... and it worked... for a very short while... but then things turned into more and it was pretty much downhill from there... so we saw eachother for about a year and a half and then I ended it... just couldn't take it any more...
and now we're cool.

Melissa has been my friend for just about forever... we met when I was 3 and she was 4... she lived across the street from me for the next 5 years... we stayed friends even after she moved and she is one of the more fun people that I know... she's usually up for anything and will say almost anything...

Mikale is my baby brother, born to my mother on April 26th, 2001.

I found Nathan because I saw a picture of him that I adored on someone's web page and followed links from that page to his... I then sent him an e-mail to say hi and tell him that I liked his page and his picture... and he wrote back...and so it went from there.

Nick (in California):
Nick is my far away friend... I'm glad we manage to remain in contact... I found him while I was randomly harassing poor people to look at my web page and he called me a pickle head and asked why he should bother to look at my page... and we began talking... and have kept talking...

We dated (well, as much as you can date when you live no where near each other and aren't old enough to drive yet) for about a year and a half total. He's and incredibly special, smart, and interesting person with much potetial and much inside of him.

Robin is Aubrey's mom. She's great... very creative and a bit eccentric as well...

Steve G's roommate. I absolutely adore Ryan... he's outgoing, loud, offensive, charismatic, disgusting, smart, and beautiful all in one package and I think its just great.

Stephanie (L):
Stephanie is one of the most interesting and creative people I have ever met... another person who I just love to death... I met her in 5th grade... we were very close for a while... grew apart when I changed schools for a year though... I really miss her and everything that came along with being her friend...

Stephanie (M):
Stephanie was my roommate for my second, third, and fourth years at CMU... I also lived with her for about the first couple weeks of my first year... she's a really sweet girl and very easy to live with... she's a way better student than I ever have been... I really admire that... she's friendly and social too...

Steve (S):
He used to be one of my best and closest friends. We've sadly lost much of the contact and closeness we once had. It makes me sad.

Steve (G), usually just "Steve" in my journal:
I met SteveG summer-99 when I was selling knives... he was my manager... we saw eachother for a few months... and then that all ended and we parted ways for a few years... fell back into each others paths in the summer of 2002 and many things have combined to bring us together again.

and its good...

he makes me happy and he makes me laugh... and he's intelligent, interesting, conversational, amusing, odd, and so fitted to me...

Todd & Joe:
Alice's sons. Tom's Nephews.

Tom is Mary's (my mother) husband.

I met Valerie because her dad was my mother's best friend... she's a very interesting girl... creative... and smart... and very cute... probably one of the few girls I have a mad crush on...

Steve G's brother and sister in law.